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The Twin Run – supporting high-risk multiple birth parents and twin research

Almere, The Netherlands, 11 May 2023 

This weekend, during the Leiden Marathon, more than 30 parents, children, doctors, researchers and members of the public will run to raise money for the Well Bee Study.

This important research study will investigate the impact of a complicated monochorionic multiple pregnancy on families and ways to support and improve the quality of life for these families.

The impact of a diagnosis during a pregnancy can be huge, with families struggling with relationships, finances, additional monitoring and, sometimes, the worst possible news. It is a challenging time, and that’s why research like the Well Bee study is vital.

“The Well Bee Study is instrumental in exploring the impact of a complicated twin or multiple pregnancy on parental well-being. In our experience, we see that these complicated pregnancies can lead to anxiety and depressive symptoms, which can sometimes make bonding with newborn children more difficult. Within the LUMC we would like to start recording these lived experiences properly so that we can further improve the care for these families in the future and offer the right help in a timely manner to the parents who need it.” – Dr Lisanne Tollenaar, researcher LUMC

Joining the mission to raise money for Twin Research are families of twins who faced complications during their pregnancy and researchers, and doctors and nurses from the Leiden University Medical Center. Families treated by the LUMC speak highly of the care they receive and often maintain contact with doctors even for years after they leave the hospital.

The Twin Run was inspired by father Mart Smit, whose sons were treated and cared for in the LUMC, as a way to give back to the team that saved his boys lives.

“With a risky triplet pregnancy with added complications, the lives of our sons were on the line. In an early stage of the pregnancy, one of the boys could not survive, and by acting appropriately, consulting well and screening frequently, the LUMC fetal therapy team has ensured that we can now enjoy our sons. Our gratitude is great, and in collaboration with the TAPS Support Foundation, we have found a direct way to give ‘something’ in return for their great work and to bring even more high-risk pregnancies to a successful outcome.” – Mart Smit

LUMC is partnering with the TAPS Support Foundation on the Twin Run, a nonprofit organisation dedicated to increasing awareness of complicated multiple pregnancies, offering a support network to twin or multiple families as well as assisting with research into rare multiple diseases. For more information about the TAPS Support Foundation, contact or visit the website at

For more information, visit, or email

For more information on the Well Bee Study, visit

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