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Meeting the needs of the Smith-Magenis syndrome community: PRISMS presents a guidebook with strategies and recommendations

Smith-Magenis syndrome community

PRISMS publishes guidebooks and provides access to an array of external resources to best meet the needs of the Smith-Magenis syndrome community. With the help of the PRISMS Clinic and Research Consortium (PCRC) and the Professional Advisory Board (PAB), PRISMS ispleased to present the “Strategies to Address Emotional and Behavioral Challenges in Smith-Magenis Syndrome” guidebook.

Smith-Magenis syndrome community
Smith-Magenis syndrome community

This guidebook offers recommendations for parents and those caring for individuals with SMS to approach emotional and behavioral challenges by understanding the person, the syndrome, and effective practices.

Spearheaded by Barbara Haas-Givler and Becky Foster, these treatment recommendations represent countless hours of collaboration among the authors over the course of two years. Members of the Professional Advisory Board (PAB(, PRISMS Clinic and Research Consortium (PCRC), and leaders in our SMS community, Christine Brennan, Kerry Boyd, Hanna Hildenbrand, Mary Beall, and Cora Taylor contributed to the guidelines in a multidisciplinary approach to strategies and recommendations.

To download the guidebook, click here:

For more information about Smith-Magenis syndrome, please contact or visit the PRISMS website:

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